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Our Podcasts

From flagship programming created in-house, to partnered series developed with scholars and universities, Cited Media delivers podcasts that will get you noticed.

Darts & Letters

Our SSHRC-funded newsmagazine podcast developed in collaboration with leading Canadian scholars. Give a listen!


Our co-founded, award-winning knowledge mobilization documentary series about the war on drugs, covered by drug users as war correspondents. Give a listen!

Blue & Goldcast

One of our many partnered podcasts, Blue and Goldcast features UBC President and Vice-Chancellor Santa Ono in conversation with change-making scholars, students, alumni and university staff. Give a listen!

Podcasting with Cited Media

With one foot in media and the other in academia, Cited occupies a unique niche in the Canadian media landscape. We're the only production house you'll see regularly featured in both peer-reviewed journals and on CBC/NPR playlists.
Founded by students with backgrounds in research, journalism and media, Cited partners with universities, scholars, nonprofits, research institutes, and community organizations to co-create world-class podcast and video content for the general public and specialized audiences.
Since 2013, Cited programs have reached hundreds of thousands of listeners, catalyzed policy changes, and won major industry awards.
And we're just getting started. Learn more about how our research-backed approach to podcasting can help you mobilize your research today.