We are the academic podcast company.

Our Podcasts

Cited Media programs are developed through an innovative and evidence-based approach to academic journalism, which forges scholars, students, and journalists together in co-creation. This has created programming that has reached millions of listeners, built dedicated audiences, enriched public discourse, and won major awards from leading journalistic organizations.



Our programming has won been honoured by the top journalism organizations in Canada and internationally, including: the BC-based Jack Webster Foundation, the National Campus and Community Radio Association, the Canadian Association of Journalists, the New York Festivals, Third Coast, the Sidney Hillman Foundation, and others. Trade publications such as Columbia Journalism Review, University Affairs, and CANADALAND have also attested to how our methods yield valuable content.

partners and Distributors

When we initially began Cited Podcast and developed our unique approach to collaborative academic journalism, we set out to see if we could do our work in partnership with major media organizations. To that end, we co-produced much of our best content with popular podcasts (including 99% Invisible, CBC’s Ideas, CBC’s Doc Project, and others), as well as magazines and newspapers (including Jacobin, Mother Jones, the Georgia Straight, the Tyee, and others). Cited Media programs continue to be featured, distributed, and sometimes co-produced through other media, as well as major podcast networks.

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