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Our Services

Simply put, we'll help you podcast.

Whether starting from scratch or ready-made show plans, we'll work closely with you and your stakeholders to develop original content that connects with audiences and advances a range of organizational goals, from public outreach to professional development and everything in between.

We'll position your podcast for long-term success with customized production charters, training sessions and masterclasses, audience engagement strategies, fundraising support, and technical assistance with distribution and analytics.

Most importantly, we'll deliver broadcast-quality podcasts crafted with care either virtually or in-person at our full-service recording suites conveniently located in downtown Toronto and Vancouver.


  • Free assessment consultation

  • Content development

  • Grant-making (tri-council, private, nonprofit)

  • Training and capacity building

  • Audience engagement strategies

  • Distribution planning and management

  • Technical planning implementation and troubleshooting


  • Virtual or in-person recording sessions with qualified audio engineers

  • End-to-end editing from rough draft to broadcast-ready audio file, with direct input from stakeholders at each stage

  • Fully customized sound design (score, transitions, stings)

  • Promotional and companion content (show art, videos, research-creation material)

What Can Cited Do For You?

Content Development
  • Collaborate with award-winning podcasters to develop your idea into a fully-formed show concept.

  • Leverage our fundraising expertise to secure research mobilization/public outreach grants, and generate crowdfunding revenue.

  • Build capacity for long-term success with hands on podcast training and masterclasses.

Full Service Production
  • Record virtually or in-studio at our recording suites in downtown Toronto and Vancouver, with the support of qualified audio engineers.

  • Craft engaging show plans and episode scripts with expert storytellers, then bring your content to life with immersive sound design. 

  • Create a bespoke digital media ecosystem with custom videos, original artwork and other companion A/V content.

Audience Engagement
  • Identify your target audiences and the best ways to connect with them.

  • Publish and promote your podcast through a custom-built distribution framework across major podcatchers, social media platforms, and terrestrial broadcasters.

  • Learn from content analytics and industry best-practices to grow and deepen engagement with your audience.

Podcast Formats

Working with Cited means designing and building your podcast from the ground up with experts who've done it before. We'll start by jointly crafting a podcast identity and format that meets your budget and satisfies your production mandate. 
You can learn more about typical podcast formats below, and give a listen to examples of our work if you're curious!


A basic interview format that typically includes two elements: a host introduction, and the host interviewing a guest. Post-production work is limited, keeping costs low. Interview podcasts are effective for reaching to specialized audiences or particular geographic communities.

Narrative Interview

Narrative-style interview podcasts have grown increasingly popular because they are a cost-effective way to approximate something that sounds like a radio documentary. These programs still require extensive production time, because they require dynamic audio elements to properly animate the story being told.


Newsmagazine podcasts create a more dynamic, multi-faceted production. These programs are well-suited to engaging mass audiences, because the flexibility of the format allows for shorter, more accessible segments. Newsmagazine programs require a high degree of pre-production booking and research to ensure a compelling, timely narratives.


A radio documentary is a nonfictional story told using the tools of drama: artistic writing, music, plot, theme and symbolism. More resources are required for radio documentaries than for other program formats. But the impacts of a well-produced radio documentary—in terms of media coverage, audience size, policy shifts, and awards recognition—can easily outpace more straightforward productions.


Professional Development

Podcasts are a highly effective way to reach specialized audiences of listeners, including professional development programming for communities of practice. Engaging podcast content can increase uptake.