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How We Work

Cited Media is an independent media company specializing in knowledge mobilization and community-partnered journalism content. Our award-winning podcasts bring producers, scholars, journalists and communities together to co-create groundbreaking original content that makes expertise more accessible to publics, and publics more accessible to experts.

Our unique approach to developing stakeholder-oriented content has been written up in trade publications like the Columbia Journalism Review and University Affairs, and in scholarly journals like Science Communication and RIPPLE.

Want to learn more? Get in touch, and together we'll design a bespoke collaborative model tailored to the needs of your particular funders, stakeholders, and audiences.

Awards and Recognition

Our approach to podcasting may be unique and cutting-edge, but it works. Not to toot our own horn or anything...

Third Coast International Audio Festival

The Oscars of podcasts. Our flagship podcast Crackdown won the 2019 Third Coast Radio Impact Award for an episode titled Change Intolerance. 

The Canadian Association of Journalists

2018 - Cited Podcast - National award for “Community Media”

2018 - Cited Podcast - "Best Open Broadcast Feature” (finalist)

The Jack Webster Awards

2017 - Cited Podcast -  “Excellence in Feature/Enterprise Reporting (Radio)”

National Campus and Community Radio Association

2016 - Cited Podcast - "Best Podcast"

2015 - Cited Podcast - "Outstanding Achievement: Documentary” 

2014 - Cited Podcast - "Outstanding Achievement: Documentary” 

A.V. Club

2019 - Crackdown - "Podcast Most Likely to Save Lives"

CBC Podcast Playlist

2019 - Crackdown - "Most Memorable Podcast"