We are the academic podcast company.

Our Team & Our Method

We are not like any other podcast production company. Cited Media is a truly academic initiative, with an innovative, evidence-based, and peer-reviewed method. This makes us purpose-built for organizations that wish to mobilize research insights, and make them relevant to wider audiences.

We are founded by Gordon Katic (he/him), an award-winning radio producer and journalist with a background in health, science, and climate reporting. Katic works with a variety of producers, hosts, designers, and research assistants at Cited Media. When not making podcasts, he’s working on a PhD at the University of Toronto: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, focussing on theorizing a critical theory of science communication.

Since 2013, Cited Media has been developing a unique method to podcast production. The core of this method is co-production, which typically brings together scholars, students, journalists and sometimes community groups. Between these relationships, Cited Media plays the role of knowledge broker, ensuring that the podcast team leverages the unique strengths of each team member. This was developed with the support of funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and is illustrated in this figure to the bottom right.

The end result is a podcast that is informed by multiple viewpoints, breaking down epistemic boundaries and facilitating learning across those boundaries. This is evidenced by our award-winning podcasts, and as well as multiple scholarly assessments. To learn more, you can read evaluation conducted by leading knowledge mobilization scholars, or the peer-reviewed article about Cited in the top science communication journal.

Cited Media’s Approach to Podcast Co-Production is studied in Science Communication


We have worked in partnership with many of the top Canadian schools (and some American schools) on Cited Media-published podcasts, as well as our client-published podcasts. If you would like to learn more about how Cited Media can help your organization, look at our services page and email us today.

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